The Paper Crane Project

You’ve probably heard about or maybe even seen all of this excitement about this paper crane project, but what is it?!

On All Saints (November 1st), Fr. Edward gave a homily about a great Japanese tradition with 1,000 cranes to which each is a prayer. If you missed this homily, you can catch it here below:

Each crane is a prayer and are meant to be rather specific. In this unusually odd and exhausting year with COVID-19, we thought, gosh we could use a thousand prayers – what if all of the parishes within the Harvest of Hope would join in to make paper cranes? Better yet, what if we could do a THOUSAND paper cranes? We invite you and your family to join us.

If you haven’t already, you can pick up the necessary paper at any of the parish offices. If you would rather stay home and not stop in, you can use paper at home, the recommended size is 6×6. To learn how to make such paper cranes, please watch the tutorial video put together by Fr. Edward below:

Once you’ve made a one or even quite a few, bring them to your parishes gathering space and drop them in the box that says, “Cranes.” Ideally we would like to begin the chain process by Wednesday December 16th. After the chain is completed, it will go on tour to the various parishes to be on display!

If you have any questions, please contact Toni Hudock, Jason Prigge or Fr. Edward.