Parish Organizations (SM)

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Finance Council

The Finance Council oversees parish finances by creating the annual budget, monitoring income and expenses along with reviewing all major expenditures of the church and cemetery in accordance with Canon Law.

Liturgy Committee 

The Liturgy Committee promotes vibrant liturgies within our parish. It coordinates all of the liturgical ministries, environment and service schedules.

Parish Council

The Parish Council of St. Martin is constructed of nominated parishioners of various groups. They assist in setting goals, reviewing the vision and objectives for the parish.

Parish Council Members:
President: Tom Beier
Vice President: Ben Mergen
Secretary: Debbie Schmiesing
Carl Lieser
Patti Schaefer
Joe Schlick
Lori Arceneau
Alvin Shay
Kayla Hellermann
Bob Kalthoff (Trustee)
Diane Rothstein (Trustee)

St. Joseph’s Society

The St. Joseph’s Society of St. Martin comprises men, who are aged 18 and over, who are interested in participating in a Catholic group for men who, encourage the application of the Corporal Works of Mercy.
To be more involved in the community, or to learn more about the St. Joseph’s Society,
please contact:

President: Pete Dingmann
Vice President: Larry Massmann
Secretary: Dan Kremers
Treasurer: Tom Ehresmann
Membership: Leroy Moscho

The St. Joseph’s Society holds a 500 Card Game on the 2nd Sunday of every month from October to May at the St. Martin Parish Center. All are welcome to play. Concession stands available.

St. Martin Christian Women

All women, aged 18 and over, who are Catholic are able to join the St. Martin Christian Women.  St. Anne’s Christian Women are looking for women who would like to participate in the group. Saint Anne, whose feast day is in July, is the Saint the Christian Woman have delegated as their patroness.  The women meet for mass, follow with fellowship in the Parish Center for refreshments and games. There is one meeting a year, which is held in January.   The Christian women host the Easter Egg hunt in the spring . If you would like to join this group or would like to have more information, contact:

President: Lynn Burg
Vice President: Rebecca Brinkman
Secretary: Cassie Gertken
Treasurer: Lori Doll

St. Martin Mission Society

Mission Societies are asked to help the poor whether at home, out of state, or abroad. The society helps through financial or material donations. They donate quilts, layettes, mittens and hats, rosaries, school supplies, dental hygiene bags, and children’s clothes. The society holds a bake sale each year in conjunction with the Easter Egg Hunt. They also help those in need through financial donations to local families in need and to young people who help the poor in other countries. They also help several organizations who help the poor such as Sharing & Caring Hands, Common Hope and the Poor Clares.