Faith Formation

Virtual Faith Formation Lesson Plans

Below are the lesson plans for the next two weeks (April 22 and April 29)

PK_3rd Easter

Kindergarten_Sessions 17 and 24
Grade 1_Sessions 17 and 24
Grade 2_Sessions 17 and 24
Grade 3_Sessions 17 and 24
Grade 4_Sessions 17 and 24
Grade 5_Sessions 17 and 24
Grade 6_Sessions 17 and 24

Junior High

Grade 9

Grade 10

Our New Responsibility Confirmation Commitment Form

Below are the lesson plans for the next three weeks (April 1, April 8, April 15).

PK_Palm Sunday
PK_Easter_2nd Easter

Kindergarten_Sessions 9_20_25
Grade 1_Sessions 9_20_25
Grade 2_Sessions 9_20_25
Grade 3_Sessions 9_20_25
Grade 4_Sessions_9_20_25
Grade 5_Sessions_9_20_25
Grade 6_Sessions 20_25

Junior High
JH_Palm Sunday

Grade 9

Grade 10

CL_Rebuilt 6
Rebuilt Chapter 6

Additional resources can be found here: (code: fg-2013)

Butter Braids

Butter Braids have arrived! If you ordered Butter Braids, please click the button below to sign-up for a pick-up time. All pick-ups will take place in the front of Church (glass doors). We ask that you stay in your vehicle for your safety and for ours. Upon pick-up, you will also receive your order form. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Prigge.

Sign Up!

Safe Environment

Each year it is required that we participate in training all *new* adults who will have the opportunity to interact with minors. Each *new* parent volunteer will need to register themselves by clicking this link:

Once you have click on the link, you will register as a new account on the far right side of your screen*. Follow the directions and training. After training is completed, you will be asked to fill out a background check, please go ahead and do that. Once the background check is submitted, you are set for the next five years. If you have questions, have concerns or need assistance with safe environment, please contact Jason Prigge directly. Thank you.

If you have completed a background check within the past five years and you’ve completed a training within those five years, your training is complete. If training has not been completed or have been saved, our staff will reach out to you.

*If you are up to date with training or are uncertain of when your training took place, please contact Jason Prigge immediately. Thank you!