St. Benedict                                                         St. Martin

Through the waters of baptism, we rejoice in God’s newest creation. Blessed be God, who calls each of us by name.

There is no greater gift to give your child than to be baptized! It is at your child’s baptism they will become a child of God and will become part of the Body of Christ.

If you are not a registered member of our parish, we ask that you complete the registration process prior to the preparation for your child’s baptism. You can complete this process by clicking here.

Here are the main things to consider when preparing for a baptism at St. Benedict’s:

  • The baptismal preparation sessions are offered at your convenience and schedule.
  • Children are baptized at the weekend liturgies. Baptisms are scheduled by contacting the Parish Office.
  • Your child can either have one male or one female godparent, or one of each. The godparent must be Catholic and older than 16 years of age. They must also have received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation whiling leading a life of faith and in good standing with the Catholic Church.

To learn more about baptisms or to schedule one, please contact the Parish Office by phone: 320.250.5618 OR by email:

For information concerning baptism for children age 7 and older (Becoming Catholic), please contact Toni Hudock at 320.845.5405