Make God’s Love Visible 2020 (Catholic Charities)

Hunger Doesn’t Wait . . . For the Next Meal, for the Next Paycheck, for a Pandemic.

Catholic Charities is supported by generous individuals, foundations, businesses and faith communities
like yours. In 2019, we provided services to 53,493 individuals. For some, we provided a place to live; for
others, food and clothing. We worked with individuals in improving or maintaining their mental health,
and for many seniors, we provided healthy and nutritious meals that improved their quality of life. At
each interaction, we sought to continue our mission of serving and enhancing human dignity for people
of all faiths and beliefs.

Today as we navigate the current pandemic, your support of Catholic Charities is needed more than
ever. Our ability to help our neighbors this year depends on the success of this campaign, and 100% of
all donations support Catholic Charities programs throughout Central Minnesota.
It goes without saying that these are extraordinary times and in times of great uncertainty, the church is
called to spread hope. Although your church doors might be closed, the work of the church remains
open and continues to live its mission with open arms.
Thank you again for joining Catholic Charities Make God’s Love Visible 2020 annual appeal, and for
helping provide hope to our Central Minnesota neighbors.