What is Liturgy?

The word liturgy means service or how we worship. It’s a ritual. Our mission statement here at St. Benedict’s offers an authentic view toward the definition of liturgy and how we celebrate.

In order to provide a deep encounter with Christ, we need your help. Liturgical ministries are ways to live out your faith, give to the parish, and answer God’s call to serve our neighbors.

  • Cantor: Sing the liturgy and lead the congregation
  • Eucharistic Minister: Distribute the Body and Blood of Christ
  • Greeter: Welcome people to worship and facilitate the collection
  • Lector: Proclaim the Word of God at Mass
  • Server: Assist the priest with Mass
  • Projectionist: Control the screens during liturgy to provide words and information for the congregation to sing out, read, and watch.
  • Hospitality: Serve coffee and snacks in the Gathering Space along with welcoming individuals as you would at your home

To view these Liturgical Ministries in more detail and the prerequisites of joining that particular ministry, check out our Liturgical Ministries page or contact Abbey Dupuy: 320.356.0113