Kickball League

Are you a young adult or an adult (18+)? Looking for something fun to do and meet other people? The the inaugural Harvest of Hope Kickball League is for you! Beginning on Tuesday, June 15th, the various parishes within the Harvest of Hope will begin playing each other in hopes of their team winning a trophy to be displayed in their respective Gathering Spaces and a prize TBD. Games are played Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM. Teams will consist of 8-12 players. Keep scrolling to see the schedule, join a team, rules and team information.

Harvest of Hope Kickball Schedule 2021 

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Join a Team


For more specific details, please contact Jason Prigge (320.356.0763) or Toni Hudock (320.356.0556).


Team Standings (July 20th):

St. Anthony: 4-0 (69 runs)
St. Benedict: 2-1 (34 runs)
St. Martin: 0-2 (11 runs)
Seven Dolors: 0-3 (23 runs)