Fourth Sunday of Lent – March 14, 2021

Please have your child watch the Stations of the Cross video for prayer.

John 3:14-21

Jesus tells Nicodemus that the Son of Man will be raised up so that those who believe in him will have eternal life.

In today’s Gospel, we learn that Jesus made up for all our sins by dying on the cross. It wasn’t fair that he should die for sins he didn’t commit, but he wanted us to be able to start over.  And after he died, he gave us the Holy Spirit so that we could be strong enough to say no to sin. The Gospel says that if we believe all that Jesus did for us, we will someday live with him in heaven.



Projects for this Week:

Google Form for all grades


Give each child a round piece of paper and supplies to draw their clock. Use a brad to hold the cut out hands in place. Have children write out Ps 103:17 around the outside edge of their clock, or in the middle of the clock. GOD’S LOVE LASTS FOREVER!


Families can use creativity on how to make the BIGGEST HEART that the children have ever seen! This could be done by using an entire wall and forming a ROOM SIZE heart with red tape, or the teacher could use 2 or 3 pieces of red poster board to cut out the biggest red heart that has ever been seen by the children!  Discussion can be about how long and deep and wide God’s LOVE is and that GOD’s love is from everlasting to everlasting! Children could then take turns drawing hearts all over the GIANT heart, or using heart stickers to decorate their BIG heart!