Harvest of Hope Priests Get COVID-19 Vaccines

There is some excitement happening in the Harvest of Hope! Below you’ll see a photo of Fr. Edward, our pastor, receiving his first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine. Below the image is a message of hope and encouragement from Fr. Edward.

There was a palpable joy and relief among the care givers at Mother of Mercy Senior Living as we received the first dose of the COVID vaccine on January 9th. After months of having the face of the next person we encountered on our minds, and thus living with great caution, this felt like a great gift. I personally feel that receiving the vaccine is not only a reasonable and necessary precaution for ourselves, it is also a work of mercy toward others in the community. Please take advantage of the vaccine when your opportunity comes.

Fr. Julius and Fr. Greg have also received their first dose of the Coronavirus Vaccine. We look forward to the day where we can all receive the vaccine and come together as a community. Keep up your sacrifice, we are so close.